Watch elephants walk through Mfuwe Lodge

They come through twice a year, looking for mangoes

A herd of elephants marches through the lobby of Mfuwe Lodge every year. This accommodation is in the middle of the famous South Luangwa National Park. You can witness it.

When the lodge was built the architects were aware that it was right in the route that the elephants take to some mango trees. And when the fruit is ripe.

It happens twice a year. A herd of elephants marches through the lobby in search of fresh fruit. And it's not a problem. It is a wonderful thing to see.

An elephant in the lobby of Mfuwe Lodge.

Elephant and human interaction

This is one of the reasons they designed the entry to be very tall, though most people thought the elephants would choose to go around the building. But they were proven wrong.

It’s a unique phenomenon, which you can witness if you’re lucky. But it’s quite tricky to plan for it: when exactly will those mangoes be ripe? And when do elephants feel like eating mangoes?

For the last ten years or so, the elephants walk through the lodge twice a year: to go to the mango trees, and back. And it’s quite a sight.

When they walk through, they take a look around and have a sniff of the items on the reception desk, while guests watch breathlessly from a safe distance.

Watch the unique videos

There is some amazing footage of this event: notice how a mother patiently helps her young to go down the steps. And it’s clear that the people in the lodge don’t scare them at all.

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