A remarkable island with a unique atmosphere

Cuba is famous for its music, dance and of course Fidel Castro and Che Guevarra. An island in the heart of the Caribbean with a great atmosphere and wonderful food and drinks, not to mention the cigars.

Cuba is unlike any island in the Caribbean. It has its own atmosphere, with numerous attractions. Think of the music, the rum, and the warm people. Cuba is special and authentic.

The history of this island in the Caribbean is rough. Spaniards, English, pirates, and the Americans once ruled here. This mix made for interesting architecture, and a unique culture, which you can really see in places like the capital Havana, but also in the city of Trinidad. 

But you can also see that everywhere in the city of Trinidad. A tour of Cuba is very diverse. With lovely beaches to rest under the palm trees. But also with large swamps.

The Valle de Viñales is world-famous – transport is still by horse and carriage. And cigars are everywhere. The valley is great for hiking, cycling or backpacking. 

And one thing is clear: communism is on its way out. Or you could say the country is becoming more ‘western’, this seems like a bonus for the people, but what is its effect on the famous Cuban culture?

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