Local name: République française

Paris is ideal for a city trip and the beaches of the Côte d’Azur offer tranquillity abound. Areas such as the Dordogne, Bretagne and the Province are perfect to immerse yourself in French culture, to enjoy the mild climate and of course the local cuisine.

The French Alps and their foothills are blanketed in famous national parks such as Vanoise, Écrins and Mercantour. Each will offer something special to the adventure traveller, with the Mont Blanc the crowning attraction.

But this country offers tourists even more. There are the famous Lascaux caves, the breathtaking views at Gorges du Verdon, and nature’s splendour in the Camargue and the Pyrenees.

France is renowned for its wealth of literature, architecture, music, film, theatre, sculpture and visual arts. But it’s also filled with small historic villages from the middle ages, and the rough, unspoilt nature in the Alps.

And let’s not forget the beaches. It’s no surprise ‘la douce France’ draws millions of tourists every year.