Famous for the ancient city of Petra but there's so much more

Jordan became world famous thanks to Petra, the city of the Nabataeans. It’s one of the new wonders of the world, according to a recent internet poll. You can explore the city on your own, which makes it extra special.

But, Jordan is a very diverse country with Roman remains, and lots more. It also has desert castles and Wadi Rum, one of the most beautiful deserts on earth. Petra is a highlight for those who make a round trip inJordan, for obvious reasons.

A road trip is often concluded with a visit to the Red Sea, where sun, sea and sand call for your attention. But the underwater wold off the coast is also worth a visit.

Many also visit the Wadi Rum desert, where large parts of the classic movie Lawrence of Arabia was filmed. The desert is also home to several groups of Bedouin peoples. There are also plenty of castles to discover. It’s a magical world full of sand.

Mount Nebo is known for its fantastic vistas: on a clear day you can see the roofs on the cities of Jerusalem and Jericho in Israel, the Jordan valley and the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is really a lake, and is known for its hyper-salinity that allows you to float around as if you’re weightless. Mount Nebo is a holy memorial site, it is believed the prophet Moses saw the holy land here. He also died and was buried at the mountain.

Jordan’s Dana Biosphere Reserve is a special place. The town of Dana is built on the edge of a pointed cliff with a view over the remarkably green nature reserve, and it’s a good starting point for great walks. One of those follows a trail through a canyon that runs from Dana to Petra. There’s a chance you’ll meet wildlife here as well, such as the Nubian ibex and the Syrian serin.

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