Amazing mixture of the White desert, the Red Sea and ancient Egyptians

Egypt is popular because of the ancient Egyptians rich cultural history, which is evident everywhere you go. And the Red Sea is a favourite destination for those who love to dive. But this country has more to offer.

Egypt quite possibly has the richest history of all the countries in the world. For centuries this area has been ruled by the ancient Egyptians, an incredibly civilised society. 

Its history is vast and intriguing and still amazes researchers to this very day. When you travel around you'll probably pass the pyramids of Gizeh, but also the many monuments that make up Luxor where the kings and queens were buried. 

Of course there is also Alexandria, which was the capital of Egypt for thousands of years. Another place not to forget is Saqqara, where the oldest temples have been discovered and Abu Simbel with its huge temples on the banks for Lake Nasser. 

The list is endless, there are more than 10,000 places where remains of this ancient civilisation can be found. As much as has been discovered, many questions remain. 

Egypt is so much more than sand, oases and camels. Besides its history, Egypt is also a popular destination for beach holidays. Places such as Sharm el Sheik and Hurghada along the coast of the Red Sea are beloved holiday spots. And the amazing coral reef with millions of water creatures brings nature lovers to its shores as well. 

And if you want something other than that, head to the Western Desert, which is, as you can imagine, deserted. 

Best time to visit Egypt

November to March are the cooler months, which make them more pleasant than the summer. Do note that in December, January and February it can even be chilly. 

If you’re after warm weather go in April or May. 

From July to September it can be oppressively hot. 

Be aware!

At many tourist attractions, you’ll find traders, camel tour operators and all sorts of others trying to drum up some business. Unless you intend on spending money, be resolute and avoid going into a discussion. 

If you are buying something, heckle firmly about the price. Don’t worry about short-changing the salesperson, the goods are already marked up by 80 to 100 percent, which means you should by for half the price, or less. 

Make sure they package up ALL your goods, and actually hand them over. 

Around the pyramids the dust from the desert is incredibly fine and can kill any camera equipment, so make sure they are well protected. 

In Cairo, the smog can be extreme, one day in this city can be the equivalent of smoking 40 cigarettes, which will have a big effect on your throat. Make sure you drink lots of bottled water and stay at a hotel with good ventilation system.

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