See the Victoria Falls from a helicopter

It’s an exciting way to see this force of nature

A helicopter tour at the Victoria Falls from is a unique way to see the waterfalls. There are different options. One of those is to take a helicopter, which will allow you to see the falls from every angle. 

If you want to get the full impact of how imposing the Victoria Falls are, you should take to the sky. Seeing the Victoria Falls from a helicopter: it’s a magic tour. You fly past the waterfall and see the entire area from above like a bird.

You’ll notice how a relatively small canyon can create one of the largest natural spectacles in the world. Don’t forget to take your camera. This tour is not cheap, but it’s definitely special.

What does the helicopter tour look like?

I also did this helicopter tour and was pleasantly surprised. The tour starts close to the falls, but can only see them after a few minutes in the sky. Which is nice, because then you can get used to the helicopter, the light and the view.

The pilot will give you all kinds of information about the river, the waterfalls and everything you see. And you can ask him questions through the headphones. Keep in mind that most excursions are short and you will be back on the ground quickly.

Look out for elephants on the banks of the river, who regularly come here to drink. You can also see hippos further down the river. And you can see the tourists standing on the various viewpoints. See if you recognise everything where you have been yourself.

The view from the helicopter at Victoria Falls.

Zambia or Zimbabwe?

Those who visit Vic Falls can do this from Zambia, but also from Zimbabwe. The helicopters mainly fly from Zimbabwe. This country also has the most airspace above the falls.

Several helicopters depart every day from the town of Victoria Falls, or rather the suburbs. The prices are roughly the same and certainly not cheap. At most, the length of the flight differs and therefore also the price. Check the prices, the length of the flight and the departure time in advance.

Best time for this tour

Try to do this tour early in the morning or in the afternoon when the light is soft. Avoid the time between 10am and 3pm. The light is actually too bright for photos and everything is pale.

Try and do this in the morning or late afternoon, when the sunlight is gentler. Try to get the seat next to the pilot. Then you also have the best view.

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