Take a bungee jump at Vic Falls

Feel the adrenaline at one of the most powerful waterfalls on earth

Would you try a bungee jump at Victoria Falls? It takes a bit of courage to bungee jump from a bridge while the turbulent Zambezi river is below and ahead of you.

Vic Falls are wild. This is where the water of the Zambezi river is pushed through a narrow canyon and out over the cliffs. Simply seeing it will fill you with awe. But there is plenty to do here, including an activity that is on many adrenaline junkies’ bucket lists.

If you only every want to do one bungee jump once in your lifetime, this is a good place to do it. The 111-metre high bridge over this river offers a unique view, which adds to the adrenaline. 

Why this bungee jump?

Tourists from around the world come here to take a bungee jump. They plunge into the deep with only a cord attached to their legs. You can do this from the bridge over the river, which is 111 metres high.

It’s not the highest bungee location in the world, but its setting definitely makes it one of the most beautiful. You’ll jump into ‘no man’s land’, because the river does not belong to either country on each side of the river.

The bridge you’ll jump off is officially located in Zimbabwe, but it’s easy to get there from Zambia. Just make sure you bring your passport. Are you brave enough to jump?

More information: shearwatervictoriafalls.com

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