Caribbean island that's actually not really Caribbean

Barbados is Caribbean, but it's not located in the Caribbean Sea. There are no bars, but there are rum shops. It's a former British colony, and it's very relaxed, which suits this tropical island. Barbados is a little left of center, and ideal for exploring.

Not many people know much about Barbados, other than that it’s an island in the Caribbean. You might think of pirates, which is intriguing to a lot of people. But this island has a lot to offer, golden beaches with palm trees, the oldest rum distillery in the world, even the locals’ relaxed lifestyle is a feature. 

A ‘tour’ of the island is really just a little meander, past the touristy area in the south, and the remarkably quiet area in the north. It’s a great way to explore the island, to meet people, and hear local lore.

A visit from George Washington to Barbados

Like that story about a certain George Washington, possibly the most influential president of the United States, ever. I was keen to learn more, so I visited the George Washington House in Garrison, where the president lived in 1751 when he was young, and the location where a combination of events turned a timid young man into a president. 

George came here with his half-brother Lawrence, who was ill with TBC, because the fresh air was meant to be good for him. His brother was already a young man with status, but George wasn’t. 

Thanks to the small size of the island, George soon met the governor and other officials, whom he would have never met otherwise. He could spend time with them to philosophize about life, and this is how he was introduced to politics. 

It’s where he formed his first ideas about a free America. You can still visit his house on the island, and this story is one of many you can find on the streets of Barbados…

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