Special mix of Japanese culture and rugged nature

Japan is both intriguing and surprising. You soon realise when you visit that it’s a whole different world. With as major drawcard the metropolis Tokyo, where you can see how this culture is different. You really have to experience this country for yourself.

One way to describe Japan is that it is delightfully different. The way people behave and dress, but also the importance of technology in this country.

The Japanese love it, which is clear from the many billboards and other forms of advertising. Tokyo could be the most remarkable place in the world for a city trip.

The rugged nature of Japan

But Japan has even more to offer: the Japanse Alps are to the west of Tokyo and receive a good amount of snow every winter. And the Japanese macaque in the Jigokudani Monkey Park are world famous these days.

These monkeys like to get into the warm water springs in winter (but also in summer) which can lead to some very cute scenes.

And Mount Fuji with its 3.776 meters is the highest mountain in Japan and a national symbol. It’s a great place to go walking or hiking.

Japan’s largest national park is Daisetsuzan, which is about 2.300 km². It’s located on the island of Hokkaido and is home to brown bears amongst others, and contains several volcanoes.

Japan consists of 6.852 islands, most of which you can visit. There can be a huge difference between the islands. There’s an island for deer, for example, and also one just for rabbits. The variety in islands really showcases the diverse nature of this country and the remarkable Japanese culture…

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