A Country with Great Diversity

Argentina is very diverse in landscape. The country is located between the Andes in the west and the Atlantic Ocean in the east. Adventure is waiting for you here.

The Mountains

In the altiplano, you can find the Aconcagua (6,960 meters), the highest mountain of the Andes and of the entire western hemisphere. Argentina has dozens of mountain peaks above 6,000 meters. According to climbers, the most difficult mountain peaks to climb. You will also find the famous Cerro Fitzroy mountain in Argentina.

In the lower part, there are many salt lakes and endless savannahs, forests, rivers, and marshes. With countless places where you can hike; for several hours to days. So what are waiting for?

Flora and Fauna

The Iguazu Falls are located on the border of Argentina and Brazil. While Los Glaciares National Park is one of the best places in the world to see glaciers. The Perito Moreno in particular is world-famous.

The Pampa

The famous heart of Argentina is called the ‘pampa’, a vast, fertile grassland, where the famous Argentinian steak comes from. In the south, you can find the region of Patagonia, which is also part of Chile.

The Cities

Besides Buenos Aires, Argentina has numerous vibrant cities. In the south, you will find Ushuaia where the cruises to Antarctica ship off. Cities like Calafate, Bariloche, and Salta are perfect for starting your hikes through the mountains. Puerto Madryn is a good base for the famous Valdes Peninsula, which is full of wildlife.

The combination of ancient and modern culture and overwhelming natural beauty makes Argentina a special destination, where traveling around is a great adventure.

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