About Us

Are you passionate about travel and ‘our’ Mother Earth? Let’s meet. I’m Corno van den Berg, an award-winning Travel Writer from the Netherlands. I’ve worked for several newspapers and magazines, but I want to find other travelers and exchange tips. On Amazing Places I want to share my tips about the real gems of Mother Earth. Places you want to visit once in your life. So join me on this trip of a lifetime!

The founder
After finishing the School for Journalism in Utrecht in The Netherlands I wanted to travel the world. Like most of us, I guess. It started in 1994 with a five month trip through the United States, Mexico and Canada. I bought a car (after getting my US driver’s license) and started driving. After many thrilling experiences I wanted to become a Travel Writer. Since then I’ve published in many magazines and newspaper about travel in The Netherlands. I’ve started in 2009 with a website in Dutch called Droomplekken.nl.

The idea
My love for Mother Earth brings me all over the planet. On the road I often think: ‘Stunning, others should see this as well.’ But also: ‘If I would have known this before, I would have done it differently.’ On Amazing Places I’m giving tips about the most beautiful and interesting places and to really make the most of your trip. I took many photos on the website myself. What started as a hobby, has become a passion. I’ve also selected photos from other travelers, for instance from Flickr.

The list of Amazing Places
What do you see as an Amazing Place? Think of an Amazing Place like:

  • Cities of the World, like New York and Paris.
  • Cities of Culture, like Agra (India) because of the Taj Mahal.
  • National parks, like the Grand Canyon (US) and Kruger National Park (South-Africa).
  • Monuments of nature, like Antarctica.
  • Monuments of culture, like the Great Wall of China.
  • Islands or group of islands, like Bali and Hawaii.

Check my current listing, it’s a mix of favorite places on the planet. With historical or biological value. In what state is it? How is tourism handled? Of course I also look at the UNESCO-list of World Heritage, the RAMSAR-convention and lots of leading publications.

The list grows and grows
I still travel a lot and more Amazing Places will follow. Want to stay up to date? follow me: e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.