If culture is your thing, India has endless attractions on offer. Of course there is the Taj Mahal, and also the Ganges river, an important part of Indian culture. And cities such as Delhi and Mumbai are huge, packed and overwhelming.

But the Ajanta Caves and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, commissioned by the Brits, are also worth a visit. And it’s also interesting to include ancient villages such as Bodhgaya and Ellora in your itinerary.

Nature lovers will also enjoy India, it’s the most important habitat of the tiger, which is endangered but can be found in several nature reserves.

But there are other interesting animals in India, such as the Asiatic Lion. A lot of people think lions can only be found in Africa, but those walking around Gir National Park prove otherwise.

And the Indian rhinoceros can be spotted in a world-famous national park such as Kaziranga.

The northern part of India, Ladakh, is also popular with hikers, mountaineers, and those who like the quiet. This is also where the very shy snow leopard can be found.

India is a feast for all senses.