Fly over Vic Falls in a microlight

See Africa’s most famous waterfall from a small, open aircraft

Fly in a small, open aircraft microlight (microlight) to see Victoria Falls. You can feel the wind in your hair, and even the spray from the waterfalls.This tour is one of the best you can do.

Best excursion at Vic Falls?

You can see the Victoria Falls from a helicopter. But there is an even better way. What about flying in a microlight? You can feel the wind in your hair and the spray from the falls. It really is the ultimate feeling of freedom. 

You feel the power of the water and you hear the thunder of the water falling down. But you also feel the wind, while the pilot explains a few things to you. This is a special experience in Africa, that's for sure.

What does this tour look like?

A microlight is a small, open aircraft which makes you feel like a bird. And this tiny plane takes you to the falls and shows them to you from an entirely different perspective.

Check the video of the excursion

Is it safe?

The microlights are relatively new and modern. They are well maintained and accidents are rare. But it can always happen. Make sure you have good travel insurance anyway.

Best time

The weather conditions need to be right for this kind of excursion. Mainly the wind can be a problem. Make sure you book in advance and allow yourself a few days flexibility should the weather not be favourable.

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