A country with extreme landscapes, friendly people and unique animals.

Australia is a special place to visit. Some consider Down Under to be the largest island on the planet, but you’ll be surprised to find out exactly how large it is.

It is the land of the Aboriginal people. A mystic country mostly made up out of desert (about ¾).

The magical Outback is where you’ll find the iconic monolith, Uluru. But in the north of the country you can find rain forests, which become sub-tropic the further south you go, and you’ll find more flora and fauna there.

Huge diversity in Australia

Off the east coast you’ll find the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world, with an amazing amount of marine life. But the dry outback is also home to many kinds of life forms.

Lots of animals in Australia are unique. Take for instance the marsupials such as kangaroos, examples of so-called adaptive radiation (which means they evolve to adapt to their environment), scientist consider them primitive.

It is assumed that Australian marsupials’ ancestors had a limited gene pool. This is one of the reasons what you find in this place is so special, a bit different and surprising.

A round-trip around vast Australia is one of the most beautiful trips in the world – the land, the people and the animals will amaze you time and time again.

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