Next to Beijing with its famous Forbidden City, there is also the Great Wall, the longest manmade structure in the world. And there are unknown areas as well, in the Gobi desert. And the ancient city of Xi’an is famous for its Terracotta Army. You can also find giant pandas in the wild in China, in the Minshan and Qinling mountains.

But China has even more on offer, so much more. Guilin is known for its karst landscapes and also the Li river, but you might prefer to start a cruise on that river from Yangshuo, where it is quieter.

The cities are also becoming more popular, such as Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou – which are all located near well-known tourist attractions in the east of China.

Another nice place to visit is Chengde, the summer residence and hunting lodge of the the Qing emperors.

Best of China

And another much-loved activity is a cruise down the Yangtze, through the famous Three Gorges. You should combine this with a visit to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, a rugged reserve with impressive pillar rock formations.

Of course Tibet draws a lot of tourists, which borders the south-western province of Yunnan. And if you’re after something completely different, why not visit the island of Hainan, a remarkable tropical paradise.

If you like to travel by train, China is the perfect place for it, and you can get here by taking the Trans-Siberian Express from Moscow, after which you can take a leisurely 10.000 km (five-day) trip to Beijing.

Be aware!

It can be hard for us to overcome the language barrier.