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Discover the land of carnival, soccer, the Amazon and much more

This immense country lends itself very well to a tour of its exciting sights. On your own or with a travel company. All in all, Brazil is a country you will not forget. Not least thanks to the hospitality and the exuberance of its people.

Brazil is most known for its soccer, carnival, and the city of Rio de Janeiro. And of course, the immense Amazon, which connects Peru to Bolivia.

Planning your itinerary is difficult. There is so much to see! Starting with the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro, there’s Pantanal, snorkeling the freshwater in Bonito, the hiking to the stunning Iguazu Falls, and the lesser-known, but extremely special, Mata Atlãntica (Atlantic Forest). But there is more, much more.

Who would like to go off the beaten track: choose Fernando de Noronha. This is an archipelago of 21 islands off the coast of Brazil with an unprecedented underwater life.

All 12 Bucket List Tips in Brazil

Christ the Redeemer

Iguazu Falls Helicopter Tour


The Pantanal is an immense swamp area in the west of Brazil. A small part can be found in Bolivia and Paraguay. The size of the area is still under discussion. Usually, a size of about 210,000 km2 is used. It is home to an unprecedented amount of wild animals. In a particularly beautiful landscape. It is one of the absolute gems of nature in South America.
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