Land of the Maya and Aztec people. Great food, beaches and rainforest.

Mexico is a colourful mix of culture, nature and of course delicious food. If you go on a tour of the country you’ll see ruins in the rainforest, volcanoes, beaches and historic cities with delightful food, music and fresh drinks.

Mexico is a popular with sun lovers: Puerto Vallerta, Acapulco and Cancun are well known destinations. And it’s a dream destination for culture lovers, because this is the land of the Maya and Aztec people, but also lesser known peoples such as the Toltecs, Olmecs and the multi-ethnic inhabitants of the city of Teotihuacan. All these cultures laid the groundwork for what is now Mexico.

These cultures were highly civilised and left behind impressive structures in rainforests, on hills and even on beaches. Besides these there are also many natural wonders in Mexico, from the wondrous Cenotes to crystal-clear warm-water pools to active volcanoes.

You can be sure of one thing: touring Mexico is a tour of discovery through the past, whether you travel there alone of join a group. It’s a feast for your senses.

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