Vibrant City in Florida with Famous Beaches and Its Own Culture

Miami is a famous city along the coast of Florida in the United States. This lovely city is honoured, vilified and typically American. It has become world-famous through TV series like CSI Miami and Miami Vice. These are the most enjoyable attractions in Miami.

The city has often been sung about in countless songs. It is a city with nice weather, expansive beaches, and a vibrant nightlife. Where you can relax for a while. Especially after your visit to the rich nature of this part in America, for example.

Miami Beach

The colourful beach house at Miami Beach in Florida.

Tropical-looking Miami is well-known from movies and TV series. The vibrant city offers famous beaches like Miami Beach. The beach is known from movies and TV series. The sunny climate, golden sand, palm trees, and especially the colorful lifeguard houses. These are the houses of the beach guards.

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Florida Keys

Florida Keys in the United States.

The city is ideal as a base for a trip to the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys consist of approximately 1,700 small islands in the south of Florida. These are coral reefs, lushly overgrown with mangroves. The furthest point, Key West, is especially known for Ernest Hemingway. He wrote famous books there such as For Whom the Bell Tolls, A Farewell to Arms, and The Snows of Kilimanjaro.

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Everglades National Park

Alligator in the Everglades National Park in Florida.

The Everglades is actually nothing more than a hundred kilometre wide river. That is only a few centimetres deep and flows extremely slowly. These are the world-famous Glades, as the Americans lovingly call this subtropical area.

Nowadays, this part of Florida has been elevated to a natural icon. This national park represent endless grass plains in the water, treacherous swamps, and remarkably many inhabitants. They even make it unique in the world. Several nature parks have been created in this area, such as, of course, Everglades National Park. With an animal that everyone wants to see; the American alligator. From a distance that is.

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The city of Orlando in Florida. ©Universal

A trip to Miami is almost always combined with Orlando, the theme park city of the world. It remains a remarkable story; a quiet village in Florida transforms into a world of cartoon characters, movie stars, and much more. Thanks to Walt Disney, but soon others followed. You can spend several days in the many theme parks.

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