Lake Michigan in Winter

Unique Scenes of Stunning Frozen Lighthouses

Lake Michigan holds the esteemed title of being the fifth-largest lake in the world. Nestled in the heart of the United States, it proudly hosts cities such as Chicago along its shores. Strategically positioned between the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, it has the unique distinction of being the only one of the five Great Lakes situated entirely on American soil.

Practically every winter, large portions of the lake freeze solid. Temperatures can plummet extremely low, even reaching down to -40 degrees. Locals, however, are quite accustomed to this. Though, it's worth noting, that this year has been exceptionally cold. 

The vast expanse of Lake Michigan freezes over partially every year. This creates breathtaking scenes of a moving mass of ice, frozen lighthouses, and a mist that gracefully dances across the icy surface. 

Year after year, photos and videos depicting this majestic phenomenon quickly go viral. The visuals that generate the most buzz tend to be the splitting ice, strange ice balls washing ashore, and the chilly mist sailing over the ice. 

The most iconic images, however, are of the various lighthouses that become entirely engulfed in ice. These scenes create stunning works of natural art. The lighthouse at South Haven, standing amidst the water, is a favourite among photographers. But other lighthouses too are coated in ice, and occasionally snow, making for mesmerising sights.

Trend: Ice and Snow Tourism

In this region of America, there's such a thing as 'winter tourism', in addition to the standard winter sports in the Rocky Mountains. Nearby Lake Superior houses the Apostle Islands, where caves transform into magical ice caves during winter. Niagara Falls in winter also partially freezes and is a stunning sight.

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