Largest Playground in the World: Disney, Universal Studios and More

Orlando is the theme park city of the world. It remains a remarkable story; a peaceful village in Florida transforms into a world of cartoon characters, movie stars, and much more. Thanks to Walt Disney, but soon others followed. Now this is the biggest playground in the world. In this article you'll find the highlights of Orlando. 

The city of Orlando in the American state of Florida is also known as the 'world's largest playground'. Believe me, this is not just for children. The main attractions are Disney's theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom), Universal Studios (Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure) and SeaWorld. But there is so much more.

Most Amusement Parks in the World

You feel like a child again in Orlando. This city is home to the most amusement parks in the world, where you can be entertained for days or even weeks. Everything is focused on your enjoyment. It is American-style organized, where not only the attractions, but the entire park is extravagantly decorated. It is a dream world within the real world, where the child in you comes alive for a day.

What Hollywood is to the film industry, Orlando is to the amusement park industry. They often intersect with each other. Numerous attractions refer to famous movies from the cinema. And at places like Disney and Universal, you will come across countless characters known from the silver screen. Think of Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Nemo, Shrek, but also The Simpsons, Spider-Man, and the Blues Brothers. This is only a very small part of everything you can see.

The History of Orlando

Orlando has the second-highest number of hotel rooms in the entire United States, after Las Vegas. The city was founded around 1837 and named after the gravesite of Orlando Reeves, who died in the Second Seminole War. Although his origin is not entirely clear, "Orlando's Grave" became known as Orlando over the years.

The town suddenly became world famous when Walt Disney announced in 1965 that he would build a giant amusement park there. According to Disney, the location is ideal and easily accessible for all tourists in Florida. Ten years earlier, the first Disneyland park opened its doors in Anaheim near Los Angeles. Walt Disney World opened in 1971, and as the first thousands of visitors arrived, a completely new market slowly emerged.

Today, the Disney park in Florida attracts more visitors than its counterpart in California. The competition between the parks is beneficial for everyone; Disney happily takes advantage of the world-renowned image that Orlando has gained. Orlando is the world's top attraction park, where the newest attractions and techniques are used.

SeaWorld followed Disney in 1973. The success of Disney in Orlando also convinced filmmaker Universal to build immense theme parks. The first one opened its doors in 1990. They are fierce competitors, but thanks to the arrival of Universal, the "theme park vacation" was truly introduced in Florida. The main goal for many tourists is to spend several days in the various parks.

The beach, sun, and other typical features of Florida have become less important. Especially now that new parks keep opening. You can spend days in Orlando. And even weeks in a real dream world.

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Best Time to Visit Orlando

The parks can be visited all year round. Florida has a sunny climate, although it experiences the hurricane season from late August to late November. Occasionally a hurricane can pass by, causing life to come to a standstill in parts of Florida.

Spring (March, April and May) and autumn (September and October) are quieter than the busy and hot summer. Those who want to avoid long queues should go in winter.

Be Aware

Take your time to visit an amusement park properly. The second day is usually free.

It's better to plan your visit well. Avoid weekends and preferably also the high season (July and August). This is especially true for special attractions, such as swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove. It's also worthwhile to immediately go to the back part of a park when you enter, where it is still nice and quiet.

During numerous holidays, for example, the parks of Disney and Universal are extra beautifully decorated. Think of Christmas (which is only one day) or the very popular Halloween in the US. 

More information: www.visitorlando.com/EN-GB

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