Miami Beach

One of the Most Famous Beaches in the World

Miami Beach is the famous beach of Florida. The beach is known for movies and TV series. The sunny climate, the golden sand, the palm trees and especially the colourful lifeguard houses. Each day the home of the beach guards. These are the best tips for your visit to Miami Beach.

Along the beach, there are several restaurants, bars, and hotels. Perfect for having a drink, eating, and staying overnight in one of the most beautiful parts of Miami. This is tropical Unites States, and it is visible everywhere.

Sunrise at Miami Beach in Florida.

The Famous Sunrise at Miami Beach

If you want to take the iconic photo of the sun above the sea, you should choose the sunrise. In the morning, you will see many people jogging and walking their dogs here. This is a lovely moment to visit Miami Beach. mostly it is also fairly quiet. You might spot some joggers and cyclists, but that's it.

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