Niagara Falls Covered in Snow and Ice

Almost Every Winter Parts of the Waterfalls Freeze Over

You can visit the Niagara Falls each winter with snow and ice. The waterfalls are already spectacular in their own right, but in winter, you can witness something truly special. Portions of the waterfalls freeze over, whilst the water at various places continues to rush on by. Below you find the best tips for visiting Niagara Falls in winter.

It's a one-of-a-kind sight, both in Canada and the United States. And let's not forget; there are far fewer tourists. Apart from the weekends, that is, when it can get quite busy once the first images have appeared on social media.

Almost every winter, a part of Niagara Falls freezes over. Sometimes it's just a small section, but often it's the whole lot. Imagine a scene of snow and days of frost, creating a magical winter wonderland, which is absolutely perfect for taking photos and videos. It's a stunning natural spectacle that you can enjoy from both the American and the Canadian sides.

Niagara Falls in winter.

United States or Canada?

You can easily visit the waterfalls on both sides by foot, even in winter. On the American side, you can (even in winter) walk up to the water that falls over the edge and down.

From the Canadian side, you'll get a fantastic view of the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls.

The Niagara Falls with snow and ice are impressive.

Accommodation at Niagara Falls

Loads of travellers just pop by for a day trip, but it's much more convenient to stay at least one night locally. That way, you can visit the waterfalls early in the morning or late in the afternoon. There are loads of hotels, bed & breakfasts and apartments nearby that you can easily book online. 

Best Time for the Frozen Niagara

The tricky thing is that frost (and snow) in winter isn't easy to plan for. It could be in December, but also in January or February, while the rest of the winter may feel a bit bleak. Keep an eye on social media like Facebook and Instagram and book a flight ticket straight away...

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