Rocky Mountains

This mountain range is a wonderful playground for outdoor people

The Rocky Mountains are a mountain range in the United States and Canada. It is home to numerous famous national parks. But there is more to discover, much more. The rugged nature in particular appeals to many people. Which will quickly make you feel insignificant.

How big are the Rocky Mountains?

The mountain range begins in New Mexico in America. From there it runs north to Alaska. For example, in the city of Denver you can clearly see how the Rocky Mountains suddenly appear.

The mountain range is 80 to 55 million years old, according to scholars. It was pushed up by earth forces at the time. The highest point is the relatively unknown Mount Elbert in Colorado, with an elevation of 4,401 meters. Mount Robson in British Columbia is the highest point in the Canadian Rockies at 3,954 meters.

The Great Outdoors

It is a wonderful term that is widely used in America and Canada: The Great Outdoors. And this mountain range is an ideal place for hiking and countless other outdoor activities. Think of camping and watching wild animals. it is the habitat of countless animal species, including black bears, brown bears, wolves, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, funny squirrels and much more.

Anyone who makes a tour through the west of America will automatically meet him. Even if you make a tour through Western Canada. And both are among the most beautiful journeys there are, I have noticed. And they are completely different, so what do you pay attention to?

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