Moraine Lake

Bright Blue Glacier Lake

Moraine Lake is a mountain lake in the mighty Banff National Park in western Canada. It is a remarkable blue-water lake fed by glacier waters. It is located in the famous Valley of the Ten Peaks at an altitude of over 1,800 meters. An ideal place for a hike and taking colourful pictures.

It is 14 kilometers from the famous village of Lake Louise. You can easily combine both lakes on a tour of this world-famous national park. Like nearby Peyto Lake, which is shaped like a fox.

The lake is known for its blue colour. This is due to the many minerals in the water. These come from the surrounding glaciers. The meltwater flows into Moraine Lake. You can be wonderfully active here.

Think of hiking, canoeing, and kayaking. But also simply enjoy Canadian nature. Bring a picnic and sit here somewhere. Make sure you have a nice view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Although that is not really difficult here.

Hiking at Moraine Lake

Hiking at Moraine Lake.

You really have to experience this lake. And for that, you have to put on your hiking shoes. And not like many Americans do park the car, walk to the lake, take a picture and move on. I hiked around here and could really enjoy the peace. 

There are several hiking routes that start at the parking lot. Walk around the lake to see how the water keeps changing colour. And you might come across wildlife here. Elk, deer, and even a black bear or brown bear live here. Although you might need some luck but it is always possible.

Kayaking at Moraine Lake

Kayaking at Moraine Lake is special.

There is a canoe rental at the lake. You can also get kayaks here. And by boat is really the best way to experience the lake. Renting a canoe is not cheap, but you will never forget it. Make sure you have a waterproof bag with you. Where you can store your camera and mobile phone. So you can take photos and videos of your trip.

How do I get to Moraine Lake?

Moraine Lake is located in the Rocky Mountains that are widely represented here. You can find it in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, at an altitude of 1,885 meters. It covers an area of 50 hectares and is therefore relatively small. But it is still worth a visit.

This is the nature of Canada at its best. And at this lake, it is often much quieter than at Lake Louise or Peyto Lake. That’s why Moraine Lake should be on your wish list when you go to this part of Canada.

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