Yoho National park is relatively unknown, but it is one of the most important locations in the world where dinosaur fossils are found. You can experience what this landscape looked like 505 million years ago. The Burgess Shale Formation is even famous for it. Reaching the fossil field is a challenging hike, which you should make under the guidance of an expert.

They will give you a lot of information on the fossils and the different opinions of scientists on the history of the area. This trip is only offered in the summer months (July, August and September) and only to small groups, so be sure to book early.

Must-do! tips:
Visit the waterfalls of the Cree
Wapta means ‘flowing water’ and Takakkaw means ‘magnificent’ in the language of the Cree people, one of the largest population of the Native Americans. Both waterfalls are in Yoho National Park. The river by the Wapta waterfall is called Kicking Horse.
More information: www.waterfallswest.com

Camp out in the wild
If you love to camp, Banff, Jasper and Yoho National Parks offer you many opportunities to do so. It is a great way to discover the area. First go hiking, then pitch your tent, watch the sun go down, go to sleep in the wilderness and then witness the first light rising over the mountains. Make sure you are well-prepared and always make sure somebody knows your itinerary. Keep in minf that there are wild black bears here, who are known to show up around tents.

Climb up a frozen waterfall
Most waterfalls in Banff, Jasper and Yoho will freeze in winter. They sets the scene an extraordinary sport. With special crampons and pick axes (and warm clothes) you can climb up these masses of ice. Secured by a rope, you will be completely safe, but you may get out of breath. Waterfall ice climbing, as it is officially called, is a very challenging sport. But the feeling you will have once you have reached the top is not one you are likely to forget.

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