Lake Louise is a famous lake in Banff National Park. You can find this lake in the western part of Canada. And you can easily visit the lake and surroundings during your tour.

Both the lake and the nearby village are named after Louise Carolina Alberta, a child of the English Queen Victoria. The province of Alberta is also named after her. Lake Louise is the most popular lake in the Rocky Mountains.

The lake is known for the striking blue colour of the water. The glaciers scrape the limestone rocks, releasing minerals, which are transported to the lakes via the rivers. Because the supply of water to the lake varies, the colour of the water also varies. It can be bright blue, striking green, but also blackish.

Hotel: Fairmont Chateau

Swimming with Fairmont Chateau in the background.
Swimming with Fairmont Chateau in the background.

You see it straight away when you visit Lake Louise. Fairmont Chateau Hotel looms up before you even see the lake. This large hotel is located on Lake Louise. It was built by the Canadian Railway at the beginning of the twentieth century.

And yes an experience to spend the night here. Although you can also visit without booking a room. The architecture is impressive. When you walk in you will see a number of shops. As well as some restaurants and bars.

Lake Louise Ski Area

The Lake Louise Ski Area is a popular ski area. You can enjoy both alpine and cross-country skiing here. If you go skiing here you often have a beautiful view of the lake from above.

Excursions Lake Louise

Kayaking on Lake Louise

Kayaking on Lake Louise.
Kayaking on Lake Louise.

A popular tour is kayaking. It is not cheap, but it is a great way to explore the lake. You can rent a kayak on the spot. It’s best to be here early in the day. The light then is often beautiful. And you are not bothered by many other tourists. At the end of the day is also a good option.

Hiking at Lake Louise

There are several hiking trails here. From simple to more challenging. Where you can discover both the lake and the area on foot.

Lake Louise Lakeshore (2 km one way)

Lake Louise Lakeshore is the best route to see most of the lake. Although it can get very busy here.

Fairview Lookout (1 km one way)

If you want a nice view, the Fairview Lookout is the best. You walk up from the boathouse on the lake. Where you will be rewarded with a beautiful view. Which is perfect for photos.

Bow River Loop (7.1 km, loop)

The Bow River Loop is a trail with many information boards along the way. So you can learn more about the area where you hike.

Lake Agnes (3.4 km, one way)

I think Lake Agnes is the most beautiful. You then walk to a lake, you can have a great view of the lake. Where you also see a tea house, which is built in European style. Keep in mind that you have to hike uphill for a bit. The height difference is 385 meters.

Plain of Six Glaciers (5.3 km one way)

Hike the Plain of the Six Glaciers.
Hike the Plain of the Six Glaciers.

The Plain of Six Glaciers is a famous trail at Lake Louise. You hike up until you have a view of no less than 6 glaciers. The height difference is not too bad: 365 meters. This route can be combined well with Lake Agnes.

Lake Louise in the winter

In winter you can skate and ice fish on the lake. And ice skating, in particular, is a popular excursion. Just like snowshoeing. Also, works of art are often made of ice on the frozen lake.

Lake Louise area

If you travel to Banff you have even more wonderful lakes to discover, for example via the Icefields Parkway. Such as Moraine Lake and Peyto Lake.

Parking at Lake Louise

There is a limited number of parking spaces at the lake. That’s why it’s smart to get here early in the day. Then you are also ahead of most tourists. Another option is the shuttle bus, which you must book in advance. These buses run from Banff train station to Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, and the city of Lake Louise.