Peyto Lake

A glacier lake shaped like the torso of a fox

Peyto Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. From above it looks like the torso of a fox. Peyto Lake in Banff National Park is fed by glacier water full of minerals, resulting in a light blue colour. The lake is named after Ebenezer William Peyto, a former guide and park warden in the area.

You can easily walk to it from the parking lot. From the highest vantage point, you can clearly see why it is also called Fox Lake. The top of the lake does indeed resemble a fox, complete with ears. Just look, it is a wonderful sight.

The lake is continuously fed by glacial water that is full of minerals. Hence the bright blue color. That is not Photoshop, but real. You don't believe it until you arrive.

Reopened in October 2021

About 2 million visitors visit Peyto Lake every year. And there are more and more. Therefore, the access road to the lake was closed in September 2019. And it will remain closed until the summer. The access road will be improved, as well as the parking space. In addition, the hiking trails will be adapted as well as the facilities for visitors.

Peyto Lake reopened in October 2021. Most of the people only stop only for a short time, to see the lake and take a picture. Although there are various walking routes, where your view of the lake changes every time. I did some walking and found it a relief. Unfortunately it can get busy.

In winter Peyto Lake looks like this.

Ebenezer William Peyto

Peyto Lake is named after Ebenezer William Peyto. He was a former guide to the area. And poacher, a trapper as they were called localy. He mentioned the lake and described its curious shape.

Best time to visit Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake is beautiful at any time of the day, even in cloudy weather. But early in the morning you have a good chance to see deer. And possibly even a black bear or a brown bear, which are common in this part of Canada.

Best season

The lake is beautiful in any season of the year. Although the blue color of the water is the brightest in the spring. This is due to the fresh supply of melt water.

In winter you have a good chance of snow. Which makes it more freezing. And the fox's head colours differently in the snow. But unfortunately you also have a chance of closed roads. You need snow chains for the road. So prepare your visit well.

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