Miette Hot Springs

This is ideal after a day of hiking the mountain trail

Miette Hot Springs is located in the famous Jasper National Park. Thanks to a constant supply of hot water, you can bathe here after a day of hiking. With a view that you say against. Namely on the famous Rocky Mountains.

This hot spring is much less known than Banff Upper Hot Springs, but more beautiful and better. For a long time, the sources were in a difficult to reach place. Only in 1934 a road to the sources was built. Now it is one of the most beautiful routes through the Rocky Mountains, according to the locals. 

Nowadays the water is cooled to about 40 degrees, because at 54 degrees it is too hot for our body. So that you can fully enjoy this moment of relaxation. And your body gets the rest it will need after a few days in the mountains.

More information: www.hotsprings.ca

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