Maligne Lake

Lake in the Rockies with a Famous Island in the Middle

Maligne Lake is the most beautiful lake in the famous Jasper National Park. The lake is famous for its glacial environment. And the bright blue water because of the many minerals. It is also well-known for Spirit Island, an island in the lake. With some coniferous trees growing on it.

Partly because of this, Maligne Lake is very popular with photographers. In fact, it is one of the most photographed places in Canada. The lake is located in the Rocky Mountains of western Canada. These are the sights of Maligne Lake. There are also fun excursions to do.

Lake Maligne is located at an altitude of 1,670 meters. The lake itself is 14 miles long, but most visitors only see the shore. This is a shame because Maligne Lake is one of the most beautiful sceneries you will ever see. Including three glaciers hanging on the mountain tops. Maligne Lake is easily accessible. However, for the most beautiful place, you have to make some effort. Which makes your visit extra fun.

Cruise to Spirit Island

The mighty Spirit Island in Maligne Lake.

Spirit Island is according to many the most beautiful place in the entire Rocky Mountains. It is a tiny island in Maligne Lake with a group of tall conifers on it. And yes, you have probably seen pictures or postcards of this landscape.

But Spirit Island is not easily accessible. You have to sail no less than 8.7 kilometers to the island. This is possible with a cruise on Maligne Lake. There are numerous choices, including special excursions for photographers. Or you have to rent a kayak or canoe and paddle there yourself. Unfortunately, you cannot hike to Spirit Island.

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