Milford Track

One of the most famous walking tracks in the world

The Milford Track is a famous walking route in the Fiordland National Park. The route is 53 kilometers long. You walk straight through the famous environment of the most famous fjord: Milford Sound. This is a walk that is best done in four days. Even though five is allowed. Or six.

Many hikers find the Milford Track the most beautiful walking route in the world. Including the rugged landscape of the south of New Zealand. The route is doable for a fit walker. You can do it on your own, although you must let someone know that you are going out.

It is also possible with a group. And possibly with a guide, so you don't have to think about many things. You will encounter a number of attractions along the way. These are the best tips for the Milford Track.

Book your Milford Track on time

The Milford Track is very popular, and the number of walkers is regulated. One thing is for sure, you must book this hike and the cabins in advance. This can easily be done online. Unless you're a solo hiker you can take the gamble. Usually there are some people who cancel their booking, so you can still go on the road. However, it is a big if.
Book online:

Part of the route on the Milford Track.

Book your transport such as the boats in advance

It is also smart to book your transport in advance. This mainly concerns the boats that take you to the starting point and back to Milford afterwards. To start you have to take a boat to Te Anau Downs, which is about 30 minutes from the town of Te Anua. At the end of your Milford Track, you must return by boat from Sandfly Point to Milford Sound. Where you can take the bus to Te Anau.

Sutherland Falls and Quill Lake

Sutherland Falls is relatively unknown, but is one of the big waterfalls on Earth. This waterfall is no less than 580 meters high. The water falls down in three phases. Behind it is the imposing Quill Lake, which can only be seen by helicopter. You can also see the waterfall on the Milford Track, but from below.
Check out my tips for the Sutherland Falls en Quill Lake

Giant Gate Falls

One of the stops is Giant Gate Falls.

Giant Gate Falls is one of the waterfalls you will encounter along the way. It is located near Sandfly Point at the end of the Milford Track. Many hikers have their last lunch on the way.

The Milford Track route

  • Glade Wharf to Clinton cabin: 7 km (2.5 hour walk)
  • Clinton hut to Mintaro hut: 13 km (4 hours)
  • Mintaro Hut via MacKinnon Pass to Dumpling Hut: 13 km (6 hours)
  • Dumpling Hut to Sandfly Point: 18 km (6 hours)After which it continued to Milford Sound.

Look out for the route to MacKinnon Pass for a sign to Sutherland Falls, a waterfall of no less than 580 meters. It is the third highest waterfall in the world. It is 45 minutes off the route.
The Milford Track is best done in the summer. Reservations are necessary, also for the cabins to stay overnight. Of course it is also possible to hire a guide, so that you get a lot of explanation about what you see.

Mackinnon Pass Memorial

The Mackinnon Pass Memorial along the Milford Track.

Mackinnon Pass, also known as McKinnon Pass, is the highest point on the Milford track, at an altitude of 1,154 meters. The McKinnon Pass Memorial pays tribute to Quintin McKinnon. He committed himself in 1887 to realise the Milford Track. You will find the Mackinnon Pass near Te Anau.

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