Kayaking in Milford Sound

Active way to get to know New Zealand's wildlife

A kayak trip in the world famous Milford Sound is unique. I went out with a guide and met several animals. And saw waterfalls in the rugged mountains of Fiordland National Park.

This nature reserve has a wonderful landscape that you can explore in various ways. On foot, of course, but also by kayak. Where you can see the fjords from the water surface.

Fiordland National Park is immense; a wonderful landscape that you can explore in many different ways. You can walk around, but you can also take to the water in kayaks, so you can see the fjords from the surface of the sound.

Kayaking with a guide in Milford Sound. ©Corno van den Berg

What does the kayaking tour looks like?

A guide will assign you to a kayak, after which you will receive an explanation about the tour. It is important to bring good rain gear with you. Because it can suddenly start to rain, for five minutes or hours.
The route depends mostly on the wind. But you always get to see a good part of Milford Sound. This part is nice and rough, with unprecedented views.

Fur seals during the kayak tour in Milford Sound.

And if that’s not enough, you’re also likely to encounter different kinds of animals there. For example, curious penguins (who regularly approach humans) or hungry fur seals. But you may also see dolphins. Kayak tours can take several hours, or you can explore the park for several days with a guide, who will tell you all about the wild landscape around you.

Milford Sound or Doubtful Sound?

You can take kayak tours in the famous Milford Sound, or in the quieter Doubtful Sound. You choose where you’d like to go.

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