Fox Glacier

Glacier in New Zealand with remarkable blue ice

The Fox Glacier in New Zealand is one of the most accessible glaciers in the world. It has bright blue ice, which means it's very hard. You can take a walk up the glacier with a guide, which is an amazing experience. Especially when you walk in the middle of all that blue ice.

The beautiful Fox Glacier is 13 kilometres long and the ice rises 2.600 metres in total. It was given this name after the Prime Minster of New Zealand, William Fox, visited the glacier in 1872.

What’s remarkable about the Fox Glacier is that this glacier grew between 1985 and 2009; scientists measured that it grew more than a metre every week in 2006. Unfortunately, it’s now receding rapidly, like most glaciers in the world.

A view on Fox Glacier.

Hiking on Fox Gletsjer

You can easily hike on Fox Glacier, you'll walk on the ice. This tour is led by a guide. You are supplied with special irons for under your shoes, this is to prevent you from slipping.
The hike on the ice takes you along strikingly steep peaks, and striking blue ice, which is ancient. I imagined myself in a fairytale landscape. This excursion provides unprecedentedly beautiful photos, even in bad weather.

Helicopter Flight and landing at Fox Glacier

Helicopters can land on Fox Glacier.

You can take a helicopter to see the glacier from above and see its surroundings. From the air you’ll get a good view of how large the glacier is, but also how quickly it’s receding.

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