Milford Sound

Most famous fjord in New Zealand

Milford Sound is the most famous (and popular) fjord in the Fiordland National Park. This fjord cuts a 22-kilometre inlet into the rugged New Zealand landscape, with the famous Mitre Peak as centrepiece.

This fjord is an ideal place for walking, kayaking and spotting wildlife. And to take a cruise on the fjords. The name comes from Milford Haven, a former whaling town in Wales in England.

Milford Sound cruise

A cruise in Milford Sound.

You can visit Milford Sound in various ways, and so see most of the sights. This can be done via one of the most popular excursions: A cruise through Milford Sound. Special boats are used for this. It is best to book this cruise in advance to avoid disappointment. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to reschedule the tour when it rains.

Mitre Peak

The most famous of the mountains here is the Mitre Peak, pontifically located in Milford Sound. It’s a 1.692-metre peak, rising out of the sea…and then there is another 311 metre of mountain under the water!

Mitre Peak is named so because it resembles a mitre, and you’ll notice this mountain the moment you arrive in the area. It’s also on almost all the photos of Milford Sound, often shrouded in clouds.

Clouds do get in the way of photos of Mitre Peak. The best chance of clear weather is in the morning, and so that’s the best chance to capture this mountain in a photo. And take your photo when you get your chance, because the clouds will be there to ruin your photo before you know it.

A kea in Milford Sound.

Lady Elizabeth Bowen Falls

Lady Elizabeth Bowen Falls is the highest waterfall in Milford Sound at 162 meters. This waterfall provides the town with water and electricity. The waterfall is very beautiful and easy to see on a cruise. You can also take a kayak.

Stirling Falls

Stirling Falls are famous because you can see this waterfall from the mainland. Although you have a better view when you go kayaking. Stirling Falls is a whopping 151 meters high. This is the waterfall that Hugh Jackman jumped from in the movie Wolverine. At least that's what it looked like in the movie.

Chasm Fall

A hiker on the way to Chasm Fall.

The waterfall The Chasm is not that high, but it is wide. And impressive. Here you can see how the water has worked the stones for thousands of years. The waterfall is a short walk from Milford Road. The view from the bridge is almost unreal.

Four Sisters

The Four Sisters is a waterfall that you can only see on a cruise. You need some bad weather, although that regularly happens. After a while the four Sisters they dry up again, to be brought back to life in the next rainfall.

One of the many waterfalls in Milford Sound.

Humboldt Falls

Those who enjoy hiking should visit Humboldt Falls. At this waterfall, the water falls in three stages no less than 275 meters. Humboldt Falls can be reached via a 45-minute hiking trail. After which you reach a viewing platform and you can see the waterfall. You will find the entrance to the route on Hollyford Road.

How do I get to Milford Sound?

This fjord is popular and can be easily reached via Milford Road. It can get busy so try to avoid the weekends, just like the school holidays. In Te Anua you will find various accommodations. Stay at least one night, so you can experience sunset and sunrise.

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