Bungee jump in Queenstown

New Zealand was the first country where you could pay to take a bungee jump

Bungee jumping became popular in Queenstown. This town in New Zealand had the first commercial bungee jump. Local businessman AJ Hackett began selling the first bungee jumping (locally spelled bungy jumping) experiences from the Kawarau Briddge in 1988. This drop is only 43 metres, but includes the famous dip in the river below

Hackett's idea is the root of Queenstown's current adrenalin status. Tourists from all over the world come in search of adrenaline. The Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown (South Island) is the birth place of commercial bungee jumping. This bungee jump is often at the top of their list.

The original bungee jump

This ‘original’ jump isn’t extremely high, but because it’s the first place to take a bungee jump, it’s still extremely popular. And the famous dip in the river below is also part of the charm, but you can choose whether you want to touch the water or not.

There is an observation deck for those who are not keen to jump themselves, but would like to see the daredevils falling into the deep as they scream. It’s also a good spot to take photos of them.

Since the first bungee jump here, many different options to do so have joined, here and in other locations. Every year, higher jumps are opened worldwide.

It’s not just the height of the jumps that differ, the views do too, of course. Have a browse and see which one you like the best. Though the AJ Hackett jump remains a bit of a must when you visit Queenstown.

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