Close and Sudden Encounter with a Sloth during Ziplining

A zipline is a fun way to glide from A to B at high altitudes. I have done several, but I have not experienced what this boy and his father went through. They got on a zipline in Costa Rica and had a unique encounter there.

Father and son are travelling through Costa Rica. They decide to do the La Fortuna zipline at the famous Arenal volcano. With a zipline, you float through the rainforest via various cables. Where you make a reasonable amount of speed, but you can also slow down quickly. It is usually several cables, where you can enjoy the green environment.

Unique Encounter

The son suddenly yells loudly. And he brakes. He is looking straight into the eyes of a three-toed sloth, one of the many animals that live here. The animal also uses the zipline to get from A to B. The boy's reaction is golden, he is immediately concerned about the animal. But the animal goes at ease, which is extremely slow for sloths, just continues to climb. Father and son had to wait 15 minutes before the animal climbed a tree.


According to the zipline owner, they inspected the sloth to make sure he did not sustain any injuries from the encounter. The animal was then released again to continue its way through the rainforest.

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