Live webcams show Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland, Norway, Canada and Alaska

The Northern Lights can only be seen in winter. In several places. I have seen the Aurora Borealis myself several times in Finnish Lapland, Norway, and Canada. It is a spectacle that is unparalleled. And that you actually must have experienced it once in your life.

Seeing the Northern Lights does have a big disadvantage: It is often cold outside, very cold. Preferably you like to see this spectacle in real life, but viewing via a webcam can be a nice alternative. And, in a way, very cool. 

Webcams have been placed in various places that provide live images of the Northern Lights in the evening and night. The images are placed live on YouTube so that you can enjoy it from your home or any other location. Watch the dancing curtains, as the Northern Lights are often called, in full force. And you get a nice picture of the activity in the sky with all its colours.

The locations of the webcams

Local residents have chosen the best spots. Some are on the coast, others are not. In general, these are places where the Northern Lights are often spotted. And where tourists can also come.

Vik (Iceland), Thingvellir National Park (Iceland), Akranes (Iceland), Lofoten (Norway), Willow (Alaska in the US), Utsjoki (Finnish Lapland), and Churchill (Canada).

The best time to watch the Northern Lights via YouTube

The live images usually come in around 9:00 PM CET. The activity is then at its greatest. Keep in mind that there is not always something to see. But often you will.

Highlights of recent days

Some YouTube channels also show the highlights of recent days. That’s convenient, you can easily play back and see what was there to see. And you get a better feeling of what to expect. Be aware, it might give a strong dose of Wanderlust.

Best places to see the Northern Lights:

I can recommend the following places if you have the Northern Lights on your Bucket List:
> Iceland
> Greenland
> Norway
> From an airplane
> From an igloo

Watch the Northern Lights live on these webcams

AWebcam with live images as well as the highlights of recent days

Webcam in Finnish Lapland:

Webcam at polar bear capital Churchill in Canada: