Ice Cave The Size of a Cathedral Discovered in Switzerland

Walking in an ice cave the size of a cathedral. It is possible in the Alps in Switzerland. The ice cave was recently discovered and is now open to the public. You will find the ice cave in the Glacier 3000 Ski area, which is located at Les Diablerets in the west of the country.

The ice cave has been renamed ice cathedral due to its size. Inside, space is no less than 20 meters, while the height is more than 5 meters. Which is remarkable about these types of ice caves. Usually, they are only a meter high and a few meters deep.

The special thing is that the cave is different every year. Now it is extremely large and imposing, according to residents of nearby Les Diablerets. That is why it is now also accessible for the first time.

As a visitor, you can therefore visit the cave yourself. But this is at your own risk. These types of ice caves can collapse, which is standard in spring. Then a lake of meltwater will be created. You can reach the ice cave via the ski lift of the Glacier 3000 Ski area. It is then another 15 minutes. But if you ask for directions, you will be helped quickly. Everyone in the neighbourhood knows the cave by now.