Glass Octopus Seen in the Deep Waters of Australia

The deep sea holds lots of wonderful animals. More and more research is being done, sometimes spotting the most unique animals. On one recent expedition, researchers come across a glass octopus at a depth of 200 meters. Although it is actually a transparent octopus. The animal is incredibly beautiful.

On a recent 34-day expedition, researchers from the Schmidt Ocean Institute and Boston University searched for life near the remote Phoenix Islands in the Pacific Ocean. These islands, or actually they are atolls, are located east of Australia.

Suddenly a unique squid appears

They saw countless special creatures, but the most special was the glass octopus (Vitreledonella richardi), a squid that is almost transparent. Only the optic nerves, the eyes themselves and the digestive system are not transparent. The yellow dots that are clearly visible on the animal are pigment cells. This allows the animal to camouflage itself, if necessary.

Watch the unique footage: