Cougar Rests on Top of Iceberg at Perito Moreno Glacier

Tourists in Argentina had a spectacular encounter this week. An adult cougar was spotted on an iceberg in Los Glaciares National Park. The animal was resting on a floating iceberg. According to the captain of the boat, it was the first time in his life to see a puma on an iceberg. The footage is unique.

Some videos you have to see in order to believe. This is one of them. In the famous Los Glaciares National Park, many tourists make an excursion by boat. This is popular in Argentina as the boat tour will bring you close to the glaciers and many icebergs float in the water. But this time they saw something that no one had seen before.

A dark dot suddenly appeared on one of the ice floes. It turns out to be a cougar, the predator that occurs naturally here. The animal sits comfortably on the ice. When the boat comes closer, the animal shows itself better. After the tourists have taken a photo (and also several videos) they leave the animal alone.

No danger or harm to the puma

De poema op de ijsschots.

According to a biologist, a cougar can swim very well, even in this cold water. It is not entirely clear how the animal got to the ice. It could be a resting place during a swim, but it could also have been hunting and ended up on the ice in the middle of wild Patagonia.

The animal waited until it was near land again. After which he continued on his way without any problems.

Visiting Los Glaciares?

Los Glaciares National Park is a wonderful nature reserve in Argentina. The immense area is located between steep mountains, extensive coniferous forests, azure blue meltwater lakes and endless steppes. A place where you can hike well and make other excursions.

Watch the unique video