Translucent, Brightly Coloured Jellyfish Amazes Scientists

When you dive into the ocean you hope to see amazing underwater life. Like this diver, who suddenly saw something very remarkable swim by. Dorian Borcherds owns Scuba Ventures in Kavieng. This is located in the province of New Ireland in Papua New Guinea. He filmed a large transparent jellyfish, which is also brightly coloured. Dorian posted the footage on YouTube and the video quickly gained a lot of attention.

Discussion amongst Scientists

Including marine biologist Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin who said she could not believe her eyes when she watched the footage. Gershwin believes the beautiful creature is new to science. Though Jamie Seymour, a toxicologist at James Cook University, doubts this. He specializes in the venomous animals of nearby Australia. Seymour believes it may be Chirodectes Maculatus, a jellyfish that has only been sighted once off the coast of far north Queensland. Gershwin helped classify the animal when it was discovered.

Watch the Amazing Footage: