Mother Bear with Cubs Goes for a Swim in Lake Tahoe

It has been extremely hot for weeks in most parts of North America. Where humans and animals like to cool down. One of those places is Lake Tahoe, a large freshwater lake in the US. This week something special happened here.

Lake Tahoe is especially popular with Americans. This immense freshwater lake is located in the Sierra Nevada, on the border of the states of California and Nevada. It is the largest mountain lake in the United States, located near the city of Las Vegas.

For weeks extreme hot weather

Over the past week, many local residents sought refreshment, but also a mother bear with her three cubs. The brown bear is always an attraction, but also a dangerous animal. So people keep their distance from the animals, especially when they have cubs. Then the mother is very protective and you better stay away.

This bear family is having a great time. The cubs play at ease in the cool water, while the mother bear helps a cub swim. It looks very sweet, doesn't it?

The video was shot by a tourist who uploaded it on YouTube. It was soon picked up by the local and national news channels.

Watch the video: