Papua New Guinea

Country with unique culture and nature

Papua New Guinea is a unique destination with an unprecedentedly rich culture and nature. This is literally a journey to another world. First, you will find more than a thousand different ethnic groups, each with their own traditional costume and ceremonies. Secondly, you can walk in tropical rainforests with animals that are native to Papua New Guinea.

One of the beaches in Papua New Guinea.

The country of Papua New Guinea lies above Australia and belongs to Oceania. It has pretty much everything. Rainforest, beaches, volcanoes and many different indigenous tribes. Visiting Papua New Guinea is an adventure. It's a journey you'll remember for a long time to come. This country is different from any destination. The special mix of colourful people and strange animals makes it a unique journey. Take your time on your visit, as it's well worth it.

Around 7,000 languages are spoken in the world. And 823 are spoken, in Papua New Guinea alone. This is because many ethnic groups live very remotely. The inhabitants have developed their own culture over the centuries. Which you can still experience. In particular, the masks during ceremonies are very impressive.

Nature is also very different. The famous birds of paradise are among the most beautiful birds in the world. But also the males have their unique behavioural patterns to impress the females. In addition, to finding various other special animals. Wildlife like tree kangaroos, hundreds of species of colourful butterflies and of course the famous birds of paradise.

It is clear that Papua New Guinea has numerous sights, which you won't find anywhere else. Excursion options are available, which include several walks. The most special experience is a visit to the very colourful indigenous tribes.

Port Moresby

Port Moresby is the capital of Papua New Guinea. For many travelers, it's the place where you get off the plane. You can easily acclimatise in port Moresby and get acquainted with the country and the people.

Kokoda Track

A boy on the Kokoda Track on Papua New Guinea.

The Kokoda Track is a 96 km long walk in southern Papua New Guinea. This Kokoda Trail was built by Australian soldiers and runs largely through the land of the Koiari. You will walk around Mount Bellamy, amongst others.

The Kokoda Track can be walked in both directions. To walk the track, you'll need a guide. It's certainly not an easy walk. Most hikers take 6 to 12 days. This not only depends on your level of fitness, but also on how often you stop for photos and the like.

It’s best to arrange everything in advance, including transport. This can be done online, and on arrival in the town of Kokoda.

The Asaro or Mudmen

The famous Mud Men of Papua New Guinea.

Goroka is a town made famous by the mud men known as the Asaro Mud Men. These people smear their bodies with mud and wear special clay masks on their heads. You can visit the Asaro on a special and intriguing tour. Goroka is located in the eastern highlands of Papua New Guinea.


The Huli are among the most famous peoples of Papua New Guinea. These indigenous people paint their bodies with yellow and red clay. They wear human hair wigs, feathers and flowers. The Huli live in the southern highlands.

Mount Hagen

A performance at the Mount Hagen Cultural Show.

Mount Hagen is a town in the Central Highlands of Papua New Guinea. It is located at 1,677 meters altitude. The city is famous for the Mount Hagen Cultural Show, this is one of the biggest events in the country. It has been organised for years to bring the various people together to interact with each other.

Birds of paradise

A Raggi's bird of paradise in Papua New Guinea.

The birds of paradise in Papua New Guinea are world famous. The males are brightly coloured and have special plumes and often an extraordinarily long tail. In addition, each kind has unique mating behaviour.


Madang is a coastal town, located in northern Papua New Guinea. According to divers, Madang has an unprecedentedly rich coral reef, which is still in good condition. So go into the water to snorkel and marvel at this beauty.  For divers there are a number of shipwrecks off the coast. You can also stroll on the many beaches.

Visiting Papua New Guinea

It's best to book a round trip when visiting Papua New Guinea. This way you can see as many highlights as possible with ease. Unfortunately, from time to time unrest breaks out, so always check in advance if it is safe.

Please note that there are hardly any roads. Most of the transport is done by small planes. You can also take a cruise along the coast. This way you can visit the various villages on the beaches.