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Innovative restaurant with Scandinavian dishes

Noma in Copenhagen is considered by many to be the best restaurant in the world. Chef René Redzepi has won several awards, including the prize for best cuisine four times. Until he announced that he would stop and the restaurant closed in 2017. Now Noma is back; in a different location in the city but with the same quality.

Are you a food daredevil? Then book a table at Noma in Denmark. It’s not cheap, but extremely good. The dishes are made by a team of 30 chefs who each work around 80 hours a week, and they do it with love.

The new restaurant

In February 2017, Redzepi closed the then renowned Noma that was located in the middle of the city. Exactly a year later, the new Noma opened at a new location. It had a special story. The Gambian Ali Sonko has been working in the restaurant as a dishwasher for 14 years (since the opening).

The cheerful man is been described as the heart and soul of the restaurant. Chef René Redzepi greatly appreciates his employee and makes Sonko co-owner of Noma's new restaurant. In 2017 Noma Mexico opened in Tulum, Mexico. That closed in 2018. Now there's a new restaurant in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

Fish on the menu of Noma. ©Noma

Three menus per year

Noma has been one of the 10 best restaurants in the world for years. With innovative techniques, the kitchen under the guidance of chef René Redzepi, conjures up the best dishes on the table. Redzepi does special menus. Like meat in the fall, fish in the winter and vegetables in the spring and part of the summer.

All ingredients come from a radius of one hundred kilometers. And, they are certainly not the standard items on the menu. In fact, Redzepi lets you eat things you've never tasted before. That is precisely his goal. Let you taste new flavours, so that you will love seafood more.

Vegetables at Noma restaurant. ©Noma

What can you expect?

About 20 different dishes with fish, meat, fresh flowers, (living) insects, nuts and mushrooms, herbs and grasses that you have picked yourself. A meal here is enjoyment. Especially for your taste buds. It is not cheap, a menu costs hundreds of euros but you will never forget it.

The new location of Noma

The new address is Refshalevej 96 in Copenhagen. This was still in ruins a few years ago and now houses one of the best restaurants. You can make a reservation online, although there is a waiting time. But that's standard at this eatery.

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