See the Northern Lights in Greenland

This large island is famous for its bright Aurora Borealis

Greenland is one of the best places to view the Northern Lights. The southern part of the island is perfectly positioned in the ‘northern light halo’, and there is very little light pollution.

The beauty of the Northern Lights on Greenland.

If you’re in Greenland in winter, you should frequently look up at the night sky. Because there is very little light pollution, you can see the sky very clearly, and the large amounts of snow in many places strongly reflect the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights tourism is slowly starting to take off in Greenland and everyone who has seen it says: You have to experience this once in a lifetime. If you are in Greenland in winter, you have to look up regularly. Although you can hardly miss it.

Best locations for Northern Lights in Greenland:

Almost all of Greenland is perfect for the Northern Lights. Disko Bay in particular is also perfect for seeing the light. It is located on the coast, so you often have no clouds to block your view.

The capital Nuuk is actually the least place because of the many lamps, which makes it difficult to see the Northern Lights. But just like in cities such as Qaqortoq, Ammassalik and Ilulissat, you can walk out of the city and have a clear view.

Why are the Northern Lights beautiful on Greenland?

  • The south is exactly in the so-called northern lights ring. And so you have the Northern Lights right above you.
  • Greenland is hardly inhabited. As a result, there is little unnatural light and you can see a lot in the sky.
  • On the other hand, there is often a traditional red house nearby. So that you get depth in your photos.
  • There is snow in many places, which makes the Northern Lights extra strong.

Best time to go

The best months to go are October, November and February, March and April, though you have a good change in the months in between as well. Make sure you ask your accommodation to be notified if someone spots the Northern Lights.