White Rhino

Largest rhinoceros in the world

The white rhinoceros is the most commonly seen species in Africa. If you go on safari, there is a good chance that you will encounter these. These unwieldy looking animals can run remarkably fast, and sometimes challenge the jeep.

The white rhino is the largest of the five rhino species on Earth. It's also the most common. The animal is regularly spotted on safaris. In various national parks and in countless countries in Africa. Although it has become more difficult in recent years. These are the best tips for your safari to see the white rhino.

Poaching and the white rhinoceros

The number of white rhinos is declining. Or, in the favourable case, their number will remain the same. The decline is mainly due to the continuous poaching. The animals are killed for their horns. The horn is used in traditional medicine in parts of Asia, including against cancer and other diseases. Although it has never been proven that the remedy works.

The strange name of the white rhinoceros

The name is a corruption of the word wyd used by the colonial Afrikaners. It refers to the animal's broad upper lip. What you can often see from afar, and which are very different from the pointed lip of the black rhino. The English mistakenly translated this with the English white.

Its Latin name is ceratotherium simum. When you see these animals you will quickly understand. They are grey and not white. In fact, the black rhino is just as grey. Actually, the name should be changed.

Best places to see the white rhino