South America's largest predator is remarkably often seen in some places

The jaguar is one of the most beautiful animals, and the ultimate predator. You will not spot this animal easily. Although you do have a fair chance if you go to the right place. The meeting can take a few seconds, but also more than half an hour when the animal is hunting.

The jaguar is the largest predator in South America. This feline lives in many parts of this continent, including the Amazon and the immense swamps in the centre of the continent. Many wildlife lovers visit South America hope to see this animal. Few people know that the animal also occurs in parts of Central America, although it is seen much less often there. But you never know, it is good to keep your eyes open.

What are the chances of seeing a jaguar?

I went looking for the jaguar in various places. I saw him walking along a riverbank in Peru in a rainstorm. I was lucky, but jaguars are often seen along the river banks. It's not like on a safari in Africa where you have a good chance of seeing a several animal species. But if you visit the jungles of South America for several days, you have a small chance.

There are some places where the odds are higher than usual. Where the animals are seen a lot and where these predators have become (a little) used to people. The guides also know exactly the behaviour of the animals as well as their prey.

Where do jaguars live?

The jaguar is seen remarkably often in the wild. Both in the Amazon (especially Peru) and the Pantanal (Brazil). Reports come in from more places where you can come face to face with this predator. Despite its yellow-black colours, it stands out when it moves.

In various national parks you can go out on a boat, but also from a car and even from your lodge or hotel you can spot the animal. The guides who accompany you are very experienced. They often see the animal from a distance, because they know its behaviour.

In the Amazon, this predator is also regularly seen from a boat. Especially if the animal is walking along a riverbank looking for food.
So it doesn't hurt to have your photo camera ready. The animals are generally not very shy. Reasonably often they can be viewed and recorded well. They give you the chance to meet one of the most iconic predators in our world.

Best places to see the jaguar