Local name: Salto Angel

The Auyán-tepui (tepui means plateau) abruptly rises out of the rain forest like a huge wall. And there’s a waterfall that tumbles down from near its top. This is Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. And its setting is also something to write home about.

Best video highest waterfall in the world

The waterfall alone is 979 metres high, and the water cascades down in several steps. Its longest ‘free fall’ is 807 metres. In the surrounding rainforest you can spot (with a little bit of luck) a jaguar, coati, howler monkey and lots of birds.

Angel Falls all it’s glory. ENT108

One of the mysteries that adds to the mystic scenery is that nobody knows where the water in Angel Falls comes from. It is suspected to be condensation from the clouds.

More information: salto-angel.com/en