Angel Falls

Highest waterfall in the world, idyllically located in the Amazon

Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world. You can find this waterfall in the mighty Canaima National Park in Venezuela. That is known for the various table mountains. An area where Sir Conan Doyle came up with the idea to write The Lost World. Today it is one of the greatest attractions of South America.

This towering waterfall is the absolute highlight of a visit to Canaima, and for many even of South America. Not only its height is special, the surroundings are also very worthwhile.

Discover the best sights and excursions for your visit to Angel Falls. For you to get the best out of your visit to Salto Angel, as it is called locally. Take your time for this place as it is breathtakingly beautiful. Hiking is highly recommended as the scenery in this area is mesmerising. There are various ways to experience the waterfall. These are the main attractions of Angel Falls.

The dazzling numbers of Angel Falls

The waterfall alone is 979 metres high, and the water cascades down in several steps. Its longest free fall is 807 metres. The surrounding rainforest has some wildlife so with luck on your side you can spot these animals.

The impressive Angel Falls seen from the bottom.

It is best to book a tour to Angel Falls. The first stop will be Auyán-tepui, tepui means table mountain. It is obvious why, this wall rises high above the rainforest. You suddenly see the water falling down from the rocks. This is Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, in a astonishing setting.

No one knows where the water comes from, although it is probably condensation from the clouds. Sometimes it is supplemented with rain, which increases the power of the waterfall.

With so much natural beauty humbles you. The surrounding rainforest is full of wildlife such as jaguars, coatis, howler monkeys and an abundance of colourful birds. Be attentive, and you will see the jungle come to alive.

Angel Falls at sunrise

Sunrise at Angel Falls.

Almost every tourist who travels to Canaima visits Angel Falls. Sometimes you can be unlucky and stare at clouds instead. As there is a reasonable chance that clouds can hide the waterfall. However your chances of viewing Angel Falls at sunrise are good.

Due to the cloud cover make sure you plan a few days to see the waterfall.

Hike to Mirador Laime

Mirador Laime is a viewpoint, it was made famous by the Latvian explorer Laime. In 1955 he was the first to make a path through the jungle. Angel Falls is most often photographed from this point.

At sunrise it is relatively quiet, and you only hear birds around you.

Sail in a curiara to Angel Falls

The best way to see Angel Falls is from a boat. Or rather a curiara, this is a long canoe that is still used by the local Indians. You sail peacefully on the river, all you have to do is look and listen. Birds and other animals make themselves heard around you. Again, the best time is as early as possible. Which is the perfect time to see many animals and few tourists.

Swim at Angel Falls

You can take a swim at Angel Falls.

You can hike to Angel Falls in an hour. In a dense rainforest you walk to the base of Angel Falls. The path is flat until you get to the waterfall. Suddenly the landscape opens up and you see the water falling towards you. In a storm of fog. Which is perhaps the most impressive view of the waterfall. And then you can swim in the cold water that never gets a chance to warm up.