The cheetah is the fastest land animal on Earth

The cheetah mainly lives on the savannahs of Africa. These open plains are ideal for this super fast animal that hunts various types of antelopes such as impala and springbok. Although he also likes other animals. You will not easily forget a meeting.

This animal is one of the absolute highlights on safari, although it is not part of the Big Five. The Latin name of this predator is acinonyx jubatus.

Fastest animal on Earth

A cheetah can run incredibly fast. Speeds of up to 120 km per hour have been measured. Making it the fastest land animal in the world. But not the fastest on earth, that's the peregrine falcon. This bird can reach speeds of over 380 kilometers per hour in a dive.

But the cheetah can outwit most animals due to its explosive speed. But then he must be able to get close unseen. As a result of which he first sneaks up to a prion, and then suddenly strikes.

Difference cheetah and leopard:

This predator is called the master of the savannah. Due to its explosive speed (up to about 120 km per hour) it is able to outwit most animals. But then he must be able to get close unseen.

The animal can be distinguished from a leopard by the smaller spots on the coat. A cheetah also has a slender build, and you will mainly see cheetahs on plains, while a leopard prefers trees.

Best national parks to see a cheetah