Black Rhino

Rare, shy and very special animal

The black rhino is not easily seen. The animal loves the bushes and is very skittish. Which means you have to be lucky to get a glimpse. What makes a jeep safari extra interesting, right?

The black rhinoceros was once the most common rhinoceros. But it is now the most endangered of the two species in Africa. This is mainly due to hunting. Both species belong to the Big Five of Africa. Although the white rhino is seen much more often than the black. Which makes seeing a black rhino extra special.

How do I recognise a black rhino?

A black rhino is very similar to the white rhino. There are several minor differences, such as the size. The black rhinoceros is slightly smaller than the white. But yes, you never see them together. The animals consciously avoid each other. And actually have a different habitat, although this does overlap.

You can best recognise a black rhino by its pointed upper lip. Its little brother, the white rhinoceros, has a broad lip. Although this is not always easy to see in the dense undergrowth, I have noticed.

The strange name

Colors have nothing to do with rhinoceroses, although it seems that way when you look at the species name. The white rhinoceros comes from wyd in Afrikaans. This refers to their wide mouth. The English translation mistakenly turned white. The English name of the other rhinoceros then became black rhinoceros. Although they are both grey. Its Latin name is diceros bicornis.

Be aware

Black rhinos are almost blind. But these animals can hear very well. And so you always see their ears going back and forth to be able to pick up all the sounds well.

Best places to see a black rhino