African Buffalo: Best places to see this animal in the wild

African Buffalo

One of the most dangerous animals on our planet, part of the Big Five

The African buffalo is wanted on many safari bucket lists. They are strong animals that you certainly do not always encounter on safari. The African buffalo is one of the Big Five of Africa.

Their curved horns are formidable weapons, while their character is fairly short-tempered. African buffalo often live in groups, although older males are often seen alone. Buffalo mainly eat grasses and leaves and can often be found near water.

Older males are regularly seen alone. According to many safari guides, these animals are the most dangerous. They have been expelled from the group by another male. These buffaloes regularly have minor flaws. Which makes them attack remarkably often.

African buffalo encounter on a walking safari

Especially during walking safaris, guides often hope not to encounter African buffalo. These animals often do not move to the side, but can suddenly attack. Which can lead to dangerous situations. That is why the guide always has a loaded rifle with him. Which he will use if necessary. And that is for your safety.

Buffalo mainly eat grasses and leaves and can often be found near water. Where they often rest after dinner. Its English name is African buffalo, while its Latin name is syncerus caffer. That is why it used to be called the African buffalo.

Best places the see a buffalo in Africa